Free Debit & ATM Card with No Monthly Fees

Apply today for your free debit card with no monthly fees

Use your LCU Debit Card at any ATM machine displaying the symbols below to get cash twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can also use your LCU Debit Card to make purchases anywhere VISA® is accepted... that's more than ten million businesses worldwide. The money will be deducted from your checking account and the transaction will appear on your monthly statement.

Your LCU Debit Card carries no monthly or annual fees or point of sale fees. ATM charges, if applicable, will apply.*

Opening any LCU checking account affords you the opportunity to apply for an LCU Debit Card.

Daily Limits

Depending on your account balance you have up to a $1,520 dollar a day spending/withdrawal limit**.

  • Your free LCU Debit Card allows you to spend up to $1,010 daily for any point of sale transaction (i.e. department store, restaurant purchases).
  • Your daily ATM withdrawal limit is an additional $510.

Debit Card with No Monthly Fees

Click here to complete an LCU DebitCard Application

Print and complete application and bring to any branch. Or mail to:

Leominster Credit Union
20 Adams Street
Leominster, MA 01453

Verified by Visa

At Leominster Credit Union, we place a premium on keeping you safe - so we've taken even more steps to protect you by allowing you to add a personal password to your Debit Card. Verified by Visa protects your Visa card with a personal password while shopping online. Get the reassurance that only you can use your card to shop online.

To report a lost or stolen LCU Debit Card during business hours, contact Member Service at 800-649-4646.
After hours, please call 800-264-5578.

* Leominster Credit Union is not responsible for surcharges imposed at non-SUM program ATMs. ATM fees may apply. Consult a Leominster Credit Union Service Charge Schedule or Member Service Representative for details.
** Per 24 hours. Student accounts LCU Tunes Checking and A+ Checking have transaction levels of $110 for both ATM and POS (point of sale).